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Ellen Ticket Noification The Amazing Heros!!
"We were in a large group of friends singing along, recording Jason Aldean and dancing to the music. It wasn’t until the entire band stopped and ran off stage that it made us understand how serious the situation was. We ducked behind a pizza and beer hauler, went over a small fence and found a small vehicle with a flat bed we got into to be able to get over the exterior fence. My boyfriend got me up and over and his friend Pablo as well. They continued to encourage and get people over, my boyfriend boosted them on the inside of the gate and Pablo caught them on the outside. After helping and persuading some people to get out I started screaming for my boyfriend to join me but he refused. Pablo eventually went back over the exterior fence. It was then that an officer told me I had to get away from the gate and move north.

My boyfriend and Pablo then ran throughout the venue and began providing any aid they could. They encouraged able bodied people to get out, encouraged others to carry people out and provided any medical attention they could with almost no supplies. There were a lot of heroes who showed up in ambulances and cop cars, wiling to put their lives on the line. Then there were the heroes I witnessed, who were enjoying their weekend off in cowboy boots and jeans. It's important to understand just how unsafe that scene was. That these people risked their lives to get the wounded to safety. If it weren't for people running back in and encouraging the wounded to get outside the gates, they wouldn't have received the care or transport they needed. They had no clue what they were getting themselves into or what they would see but they didn’t care because their only intent was to save others."

Credits: Tasha Edwards
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