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Ellen Ticket Noification "I had just gotten out of bed and sat Brinley down in her pack and play when I h
"I had just gotten out of bed and sat Brinley down in her pack and play when I heard a knock on my front door. I opened the door halfway poking my head around to see who it was so as 'not to let Trooper out' when in reality, I didn't have a bra on and anyone who has breastfed their baby knows that those things are always at attention and I was wearing a t-shirt.

Anyway, it was the tax assessor. He introduced himself and asked if he could come in and take a look at my house. 'Sure! Let me just lock my dog in the other room.' I quickly locked Trooper in Brinley's room and ran to grab my sweatshirt to help keep "the girls" concealed.

I couldn't find my sweatshirt.

I didn't want to make him wait out there while I put on a bra so I thought 'oh, he probably won't notice anyway.'

I opened the door and took him on a tour through my home trying to awkwardly keep my arms crossed in front of me without being awkward.

He thanked me, told me to have a nice day, and left. I shut the door behind him and walked over to the mirror to see what he saw and how bad it truly was.

It wasn't so bad.


Thanks Dad, for giving me the shirt you got after you got lasik. I'm gonna go throw it in the trash now."

Credit: Julie Yusko

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