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Ellen Ticket Noification "My name is Ferrin Roy. I was born with a nevus birthmark on my right cheek. Gro
"My name is Ferrin Roy. I was born with a nevus birthmark on my right cheek. Growing up I can't recall a barbie doll, action figure, or teddy bear that resembled my appearance. However, I had a loving mother who instilled confidence within me at a very young age. She also taught me that my birthmark was a part of me. She was my voice and defended me when strangers would make derogatory comments. The older I became the more I would recognize stares outside my community. I also began defending myself when my mother was not around. However, there were times when the comments would linger in my mind. My escape was the mirror! While looking into the mirror, I was the only one with an opinion. Most importantly, the only one with an opinion that mattered. I saw a beautiful and confident young woman with a very distinctive look.

As time passed, I met such an incredible man. We also discussed my birthmark. He stated my birthmark was exquisite and I was beautiful ! We also shared a lot in common as well. We were married August 14, 2016. There were headlines pertaining to "the bride who refused to cover her birthmark on her wedding day!" Covering my birthmark was NEVER A THOUGHT! It's a part of me, why would I cover it?!? I am very blessed to have a supportive husband and someone who loves me for me. My reasoning for speaking out and writing my self help book, 'The Mark She Kept, A Woman's Journey to Living her Purpose Courageously,' was to give others something I didn't have, which is real life experiences and courage to love yourself despite societies perception of birthmarks, scars, etc..

Think about the first thing that comes to mind when someone notices something diffrerent..'REMOVAL!' Why do we result to surgery as our answer? Can surgery change anything internally? Choosing to embrace my birthmark was my decision. I decided to be BOLD & COURAGEOUS! Throughout my journey I have grown. Every situation is different; some birthmarks have to be removed because of medical reasons. My removal would have been strictly cosmetic. I encourage you to take time to love yourself and do what's best for you. If that means covering your mark or scar with makeup etc..it's ok! Continue until you are ready to break the cycle. It's OK to be different, sometimes, it can be quite beautiful."

Submitted by Ferrin Roy

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Oct 7, 2017