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Pray for Strong Fighter Trenton
On September 8th, Trenton Bass sustained a traumatic neck injury during a varsity football game. That same night, he underwent surgery to repair two broken vertebrae. The surgery went smoothly, but evidence of paralysis is currently present. He is able to move his arms and has some feeling in his fingers; however, at this point he does not have feeling below his breastbone. It is hard to know if he will make a full recovery, but we are very hopeful that he will. We have heard many success stories of patients who regain feeling and movement in the weeks and months after paralyzation.

Trenton is 17 years old and just started his senior year at HBC high school. Not only is he a gifted athlete, but he is also a brilliant student and faithful follower of Christ. Trenton is strong and a fighter. If anyone can overcome this, we believe Trenton can - but he can't do it alone.

Pray and support Trenton,
Fundraiser link on Trenton fb
Credits: Pray for Trenton
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