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Teaching Your Child To Do The Right Thing
Tonight I took my 4 year old son to a night of prayer hosted by the city of Tracy.

My son and I stood out there in a group of people we have never met before.

People of all different races, beliefs and political opinions.

We lit candles for those who lost their lives in Vegas.

We lit candles for those who are still fighting for life not only in Vegas but all over.

Everyone wrote down a prayer and it was read out loud to all that attended.

My innocent son sat there and listened to everything.

On the ride home he asked why there are people that want to kill good people and why people can’t just get along and not be angry.

How do you explain that to a 4 year old?

I told him that I will continue to take him to events like tonight so he knows that there is good in the world.

So he knows that there are people who want love and peace all over.

If we continue to battle arguments about the president, gun control or whatever issues people are stewing about that is all our kids will know when they grow up.

It’s our job as parent to teach them they can change the direction of the way this world is going.

If they grow up watching hate and anger...they will become that.

Let’s instead show them love, faith and show them how we are here to work together...not to work against each other.

We all have differences...but we all have to live together....and I don't know about you....but when I'm gone I want to know that my child will be living in a better world than the one we live in now.

Credits: Jennifer Steffen Ohren‎
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