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This Is What America Is About Shows How Proud Our Service Men and Woman Are
Please help share this photo this gentleman is the man that took it upon himself to help my baby girl to safety in the shooting in Las Vegas.. She can't remember his name were he is from all she can remember he is in the marines.. this incredible man once he got Megan out turned and ran right back in to help save other lives.. this is what America is about shows how proud our service men and woman are.. as a father I would love to take the time to personally thank this man if we can track him down.. as Americans we all need to take the time hug and tell the ppl that have served and fight for our freedoms thank u.. I challenge all my friends to take the time and give a hug to some one that has fought for our country and our freedoms I salute the men and woman in our military thank u for all u do for our great country..

Credits: Brady Tubbs
1,342 views Oct 5, 2017

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Brady 180 points
It would be so amazing to be able to thank this man in person for what he did for my daughter give her a chance to hug him and tell him thank u...  he is a true American hero..
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Oct 5, 2017
Karapincock 180 points
We would like to thank this man for his heroism in being so selfless to act and think of getting my niece out of harms way before going back into the venue to help save others. It is truly a blessing to have Americans so willing to help in times of pure chaos.
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Oct 5, 2017