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Dad Gets Real About How Terrible Weekends Are For Parents
"This weekend was like trying to fit the weekly shop into a single carrier bag that had the structural integrity of a biscuit that had been dunked one too many times. Cram too much in and it breaks, spilling its guts all over the pavement to onlookers to stare and mutter 'glad that wasnt me' while you silent sob into a snotty rag you found in your pocket that a kid took a particularly large blow into earlier. Well, we got to that point today - Sport clubs, sleepovers, the zoo, walks in the park / never ending goes on the swings, trips to 5 different shops to find slime ingredients, slime making, loft sorting, cleaning, planning parties, cooking - the list goes on - usually I'm the most positive person in the room but when you add in 2 very over tired older girls & twins who are everywhere at all times, you end up with broken parents. I've now developed an eye twitch so bad that women think I'm coming on to them through winking. Parenting is hard work, but we are own worst enemies sometimes when we try to do too much. We should give ourselves a break sometimes and remind ourselves we're doing the best we can. Anyone else feel our pain? I'm so tired I could ......zzzzzzzz."

Credits: Father of Daughters
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