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Parenting in a Nutshell

'Mom I need a poster board.'


'I need a posterboard! For tomorrow!'

'Well it's 9 PM! When were you planning on telling me?!'



'Yeah! I need it now! For tomorrow! I have to have it!' *sob

'Well go look in the playroom for some...'

'We don't have anyyy!' *sniffle 'I need a white posterboooaaard!'

OMG! I go to CVS. No white poster board.
Go to 2nd store
Buy the white poster board.

'Here's your white poster board.'

'Oh thank you! Thank you. I love you. You're the best mama!'

'Yeah. I know I am. Go to sleep. I love you.'


'Don't forget your white poster board.'

'Here's your poster board.'

'Roll it up with this rubber band'

'Be careful with the poster board. Time for the bus. Bye bye love you best day ever. Kiss kiss.'

*Kids walk around the corner to the bus stop.

I'm so glad she got her poster board. Whew. Crisis averted. I'm winning at this mom thing. Yay me. Hero. I'm the best. I'm going to go on a walk today.

Beautiful day feeling good. Stretch. I'm walking.

Turn the corner where the bus stop is..

Bus came. Kids are gone.

Everyone gone.
Except this.


Credit: RachRiot
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