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She Is So Special, She's Going to Do Amazing Things in Life!
I wrote Grace a note, which I'm keeping between us, but @ the end I informed her of the total amount GracieCakes For Cancer has raised so far this year. We're presently @ $1575! I love her reaction, George Gemberling
Thank you, Shannon Gay for helping that number climb! Amy Roberto Comiskey, Amy Rudy Diggs, Terri Sullivan Berry & Amy Stair I thought that you ladies would want to see this video, Thank you all so much!!! xo
Credits: Connie Thompson
693 views Sep 25, 2017

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Thank you to the person who shared our video!

Here's the backstory:

GracieCakes For Cancer was started by my daughter Grace when she was 5yrs old. She's now 10 years old & we just had our 3rd GracieCakes fundraiser! This year's fundraiser will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, as well as, Camp Kesem Central PA. I was diagnosed w/ Cervical Cancer in November 2016. Camp Kesem Central PA is for children who have parents diagnosed w/ cancer. It's run by AMAZING Penn State students & it's totally FREE for families. Grace attended camp this summer & she loved it! Keeping w/ the GracieCakes mission to help kids effected by cancer, we're giving 1/2 of the money raised this year to Camp Kesem Central PA & 1/2 to St Jude Children's Research Hospital.

* Feel free to visit GracieCakes For Cancer on Facebook :)
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Sep 25, 2017