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Super hero mom
This is a special thank you to an amazing, generous-anonymous donor that I will never be able to thank enough.

Perhaps one day I'll be able to write a book of all the blessings and serendipitous encounters I've had through this journey with my son.

It just so happens that Jaxson's condition has progressively worsened. As you may know though, losing hope has never been an option for me. I have faith that miracles do happen and I hope this is the case for my boy.

Jaxson has been firmly diagnosed with a peroxisomal biogenesis disorder after long, arduous testing. This disorder is very rare and highly un-researched. To date, there is no cure.

A few months ago, I left my full time job at the title company to focus on Jaxson's full time care. Jaxson is currently wheelchair bound and has lost almost all of his motor skills. He is gtube fed and from what I've been told has lost almost all hearing and vision.

In the meantime, I got my real estate license on the side because I have to stay on my toes and as a single mother, need to keep a roof over my son's head no matter what the circumstance. I figured this may be a more flexible way to provide for Jaxson. However, any parent dealing with a fully disabled child that needs round the clock-care will tell you, working is a bleak option.

At the moment, I freelance here and there doing title Closings when I have the opportunity and get commission on my small book of business that I built over the years, however these are sprinkled hours of work during the month and not even close to a dependable salary such as working full time.

After exhausting all my resources, about a week ago, I sat at night before bed praying. I knew that somehow all my bills that have piled up will be covered. I didn't know how but I just knew I did not have to worry. I needed to proceed as usual caring for my son and leave it to a higher power.

The next day, I get a random phone call from a stranger on behalf of an anonymous donor that wants to help us by donating a rather large sum. This donation was precisely the amount I needed to cover all our mounting bills and hold me over until get myself organized and wrap my head around this tremendous challenge life has laid upon me.

It was truly an answered prayer! Although initially I was a bit skeptical and was almost waiting to find out it was a scam, I was quickly proven wrong and felt so blessed.

I had tears of relief once I got off the phone. Until this happened, I wasn't exactly sure if prayers really worked. And I know this time I couldn't really say it came out of nowhere because I had literally prayed the night before for this and it was the first time I prayed with certainty knowing I did not need to worry.

I don't believe the donor is connected with me through Facebook but I think he checks in on Jaxson through updates on this page.

Whoever you are, Thank You. Thank you, Thank you.

Thank you again to all of you who have loved us and supported Jaxson and I through this journey. I don't know the reason for all this happening but I have this strong feeling that is it for something good.
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