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"I’m just a Mom.
"I’m just a Mom.

I say it to myself more times a day than I can count. It’s my answer to complete strangers when they ask me what I do for a living.

As if somehow being a mom isn’t good enough. As if it’s somewhere less than everyone else with fancy degrees or titles.

As if somehow the up all nights and constant worry didn’t amount to much.

But in the eyes of my sons I am so much more.

I am the one that can understand what’s going on when no one else can.

I am the one that can know what they need without them having to say a word.

I am the giver of the best hugs and the one that can instantly heal all boo-boos with a kiss.

I’m their soft place to land when the weight of the world is heavy on their shoulders.

To them I am home.

I am their biggest fan and the one that will always be standing in their corner when they feel like the rest of the world has walked out.

I’m not JUST a mom in their eyes.

I am their whole world and to them I am the best because I’m not just a mom, I’m their mom."


Credit: Grief To Hope


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