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Make These Little Ladies Dreams Come True
Honestly, I'm not the one to ask anyone for anything but after I saw my girls burst into tears last night. That told me i had to do something about it asap..
I'm a single mother of 6, I decided to move from New York to Bridgeport CT. 5 years ago looking for a better life for my kids. 4 years ago I was approved for public housing,I was happy comes out to be that we moved to the worst part of Bridgeport. I've been working on my credit hoping one day I give my kids their own home that they deserve. Monday through Friday I get up early take them to school and go to work. Sometimes i don't even get home until after 10pm picking up overtime just to make ends meet and give them what they want and need. Last week my 18 year old saw an ad on Facebook for acting and modeling, she suggested i try it out for Mia 11 years old and Aaliyah 5 years old. since they are always dancing, singing, and act like they are like the kids on the Disney channel, which is something they always dreamed about. Surprisingly I got a call from John Robert Power acting and modeling company for an audition. I hesitated on taking them that Saturday morning because it was an hour ride, I knew they would get hungry and I'd have to dig in to what was left being that my account was low and I needed money to make it through the week for gas and food until my next paycheck. I told myself I would probably regret it in the future if I didn't take my girls. A few hours after the audition I got a call back and they wanted me to bring Mia the next day because they wanted to start with her right away, and that we would also talk about Aaliyah because they were interested in her Aswell. After the amazing news they asked me to bring a fee, which I knew about but I didn't think they would ask for it right away. I told her I didn't have that kind of money, she said is their anyone who can let you borrow it. I told her it's 9pm how can I get that money in such short period of time. She than said well text me before 12 and let me know. After I hung up I told my girls they were elected they were so excited, but when I told them I didnt have that kind of money and they weren't going the next day. Mia burst into tears and ran to her room, my heart broke into pieces. I crushed my kids dream in less than a second. After I made a go fund me account to raise money for my girls, I decided to do a little research on John Robert Powers acting and modeling. Turns out to be they are a scam, I immediately took the page down and wrote to Ellen hoping she sees my message soon. so here I am now asking for help. I would appreciate if everyone make this go viral until it gets to Ellen, anything you can do will make my girls dream come true.. Thank you all in advance not just for taking the time to read this but for also helping me put a smile on my girls face again and believing in them!!!

Credits: Celiz Castillo
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Daniela T 350 points
These are my nieces. They have the most amazing personalities. They come from a tough neighborhood but will still manage to put a smile on your face and warm your heart. My sister is the most amazing mom, she's the strongest woman I know and this whole family deserves so much more than their community is able to give. Mia and Aaliyah have BIG dreams to go out into the world and become the STARS they deserve to be and it is amazing that this post has reached thus far but I pray that these girls are able to audition for a LEGIT agency that can help them reach their potential. Thank you!
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Sep 20, 2017
Yeahsuemetwice 350 points
These are my little sisters and they have great talents that are similar yet different in there own ways and when my mom told me about how good they did on the audition I was excited for them. Until the bad new which is that scammer with the lies that my little sisters couldn't handle and bursts in tears I knew that they have the passion to make it. One way or another.
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Sep 20, 2017
arirob84 330 points
can personally attest to the amazing personalities that these two beautiful girls have! I've watched my cousin go through many difficult situations all for the sake of keeping a smile on her childrens' face. They are beyond deserving of the many beautiful things life has to offer. Make my little cousins' dream come true! They were born to be stars!!!
+8 votes
Sep 20, 2017
M.CASTILLO 310 points
Ellas son mis nietas, ellas son unas niñas con mucho talento, son carismáticas y muchísimo potencial y con muchos sueños y esta es una gran oportunidad para que ellas puedan cumplirlo.
+6 votes
Sep 20, 2017
Marcia_23 320 points
These are my little sisters in law and I can say that these girl have a lot of potential and talent. They deserve there dreams to come true and get out of that bad neighborhood that they currently live in. My mother in law is a hardworking and great mom. Not only that but a warmhearted women in general that don't about herself. I really hope and pray that Mia and Aaliyah can get this opportunity.
+6 votes
Sep 20, 2017
Miosoty 240 points
These girls are my little cousins/nieces. They are the most sweetest girls you could ever meet. After hearing my older cousin tear over what had happened to her daughters I can only feel sad and empathize as a mother myself. It is not easy for us who wants the best for our kids to see them become broken hearten. I can only think and question how this moment affect them as little girls to young ladies. To find out that this entire mission to get these girls an opportunity was unsuccessful. To understand what is and what does a scam artist do for a child it can't never be understood but felt. For two little girls to feel let down by an untrustworthy person is the beginning of their journey. If they can meet (Ellen) you can show them this world can also offer the opportunity to encounter great, kind and empathetic people would be a confirmation that every moment is just a reason to keep moving on to bigger and better.  Give my girls a moment to shine, to seed in possibilities is a moment that will last a lifetime.  ~ Thank you for your time.  ~MIO
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Sep 20, 2017
jhummill 230 points
The World needs more of these precious children. I am so proud of Mia and Aaliyah. They are sweet, kind, generous, super intelligent, humble, and extremely talented. These Little Ladies are truly AMAZING! I hope people find it in their hearts to vote for these rare qualities because we need to promote and encourage the LOVE, and INNOCENCE that lives inside them. I pray that they are discovered and that their positive aura is able to shine on all of us. I love them!
+1 vote
Sep 21, 2017