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"That moment when a 94-year-old grandmother realizes that the cavalry has come!
"That moment when a 94-year-old grandmother realizes that the cavalry has come! Clearwater Police Department delivers supplies for Hurricane Irma before the storm. Last week, Rachel Copeland was worried about the welfare of her 94-year-old grandmother who lives in Clearwater as Hurricane Irma set her sights on Florida. Copeland and her family had seen -- and lived through -- the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey, and they weren't sure if their loved one was in for a similar dose of Mother Nature's wrath. Betty Helmuth doesn't drive, so Copeland reached out to the Clearwater Police Department through Facebook to see if we could recommend a way to help her prepare for Irma. We did indeed come up with a solution, and we showed up at her door with water, food, flashlights and other storm necessities. She was excited and tickled to see the boys in blue, but she joked that she was concerned her neighbors might think they were there to arrest her. She gave them all plenty of thanks, plenty of hugs, and called them her heroes. We are glad we could be there in her time of need, to make sure she was safe and taken care of. She made it through the storm OK, but suffered some water intrusion to her living room carpet. We here at the police department like to talk about how we endeavor to be community champions -- and that spirit and mindset was present the day late last week when we visited her."


Credit: Clearwater Police Department


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