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I Felt Like I Was Damaged Goods and Nobody Would Ever Want to Date a Girl With a Child
"I felt like I was damaged goods and nobody would ever want to date a girl with a child.
It made me feel like I was unloveable."

Ashely Winscher posted about having a child when she was young and how hard it was to find love.
But she finally did.
It's a really nice story.
Here's what she wrote:

When you get pregnant at a younger age, you hope for the family you had always dreamed about.

You think about the long nights waking up with the baby or family time you will have in the future.

When things don't work out the way you planned and you end up doing it on your own, it's heartbreaking.
It's hard.

You feel like you lost something you never even had.
All you wanted was a family.

It's a devastating loss & it takes time to recover from.
I felt like I was damaged goods.

It took me YEARS to realize my worth & settling on "boys" who didn't deserve my daughter & me.

Eventually I learned how to love myself again and as soon as I did, Josh came into my life & my daughters life.

Once I began loving myself again, I attracted the love of my life & now my beautiful and deserving daughter has a Daddy who stepped up & stepped in when he didn't have to and I have the man of my dreams!

We then added another sweet baby girl to the family, and of course he is also the best dad ever to her, too.

Yesterday as Josh & I became husband and wife, he made the following vows to my daughter and my heart has never been more full:

"Grace, you may not have my eyes or my smile, but since the moment I met you, you have had my heart.
Will you allow me to love and support you and be your dad forever?"

Don't ever give up hope on love.
Focus on loving yourself & it will find you when you least expect it!

I found my husband, who gave me the perfect little family & my happily ever after.

Credits: Ashley Pinscher
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