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So Thankful for People Who Care
"Friday morning, a young puppy was heard crying from a concrete drain on the side of Highway 61 in front of Coahoma Tire. She fell through a small opening and down 4 feet into a pipe that led to an even deeper dropoff. Too small to climb back out, her only option was to wait for help or starve.

The public followed all proper channels of reporting the pup to the city's animal control, but at 6 pm on Friday evening, the dog had been in the culvert for 24 hours with no solution; so along with volunteers, we accepted the challenge of working to rescue her. Using time, brainpower, and heavy machinery, the top of the drain was finally removed, and one of our employees bravely climbed into the pipe (head first) to save her. Luckily, no pipes were damaged and no lives lost. 🐶❤️

We could not have done this alone. Thank you to the Coahoma Tire staff, Bill Olson, our staff and volunteers for lending equipment and expertise to this dire situation. This is NOT a normal circumstance for us! How thrilled we are for this puppy's future!"

Credit: CARES Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort and Shelter
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