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"I pressed the ignition on my car early this morning to take my daughter to orch
"I pressed the ignition on my car early this morning to take my daughter to orchestra rehearsal, and this is what I saw.

I looked down at my hands clenched tightly in my lap, admonishing myself for not remembering to get gas on the way home late last night, feeling the stress reach my already tight shoulders. I said a little prayer that I had enough fuel to travel to her school and then to the nearest gas station.

The warning light came on as I backed out of my driveway.

'You are almost out of gas!' it screamed at me.

No joke.

If I had a gauge like this on all aspects of my life right now, the warning light would be on.

Relationships: running on empty

Job performance: close to empty

Parenting: hanging-on-by-a-thread empty

Taking care of myself: dead empty

I constantly run on fumes, hoping if I can just make it to the next place, do the next thing, I can possibly fill up my tank.

But life doesn't work like that. Life doesn't naturally fill up your tank.

Like finding the nearest gas station, we have to seek out what makes us feel full, what makes us feel complete.

So although my to-do list is full of cumbersome and mundane tasks that have to get done -- calling the plumber about our clogged sink, following up on an insurance claim, finishing a report -- I chose to start my day, this day, with what will fill my soul.

I ordered school supplies for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

I cooked a breakfast I actually wanted to eat.

I made dinner reservations for my family this weekend, ensuring we would spend some quality time together.

And I write. Just for me.

Life gets so hectic sometimes that we get used to running on empty. We get so accustomed to it that sometimes we don't even see the warning light.

I know I didn't. And I almost ran out of gas.

Take care of yourself today."

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Credit: Playdates on Fridays by Whitney Fleming


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