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The Revolutioners - Talented Band Out of Little Rock
My brother, Jackson, started a band in 2004 in memory of our 15 year old cousin who was killed in a car accident that same year. But it turned out they were more than just a band who came together during a time of tragedy, they were also really good. Fast forward 13 years later and now you have The Revolutioners. This band out of Little Rock has really made a name for themselves here in Central Arkansas. They are a mix of alternative and rock 'n roll and they are SO TALENTED. They have gotten some great gigs throughout the years (playing at Rocklahoma, opening up for Buckcherry, etc.); however, they have not gotten the big break they deserve. These guys have worked so hard all of these years and, let me tell you, they really are so good. I'm not just saying this because it's my brother's band. People have asked them time and time again why they aren't big yet. I believe it's simply because they haven't gotten the exposure they need in order to make it big. These guys are not only great musicians, but they are good people. They would do anything for anyone and they have that "southern charm" that people can't help but love. My brother is very hard working. He has 2 jobs and does music on the side. However, he has told me for the past 15 years that his number one dream in life is to play music professionally. So I ask you to please view this video and consider having The Revolutioners perform on your show. They truly deserve this break that could make their dreams come true!
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