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On the left is Sam Strahan.
On the left is Sam Strahan.

He was shot and killed at Freeman High School yesterday by fellow student Caleb Sharpe.

They were apparently friends.

Sam was a hero.
He tried to get Caleb to stop shooting.
According to Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich:

'(Sam) tried to walk up and tell him,"this isn't what you wanna do.'"

Caleb then shot Sam in the stomach and the head.

What makes this even sadder is that Sam's dad died unexpectedly last Father's Day when an RV he was working on collapsed and crushed him.

Caleb Sharpe apparently went on the shooting spree because he "wanted to teach everyone a lesson about what happens when you bully others."

The Spokane County Sheriff wrote a very powerful message on his Facebook page after the shooting.

He said:

To My Country:
Today a young man lost his life trying to prevent others from losing theirs.
He gave his life that others may live.

Perhaps, if we as a society had not adopted violence as a cultural norm, if we had not glorified and made gang violence pop culture, if we had not lost the values and standards that made us a great society this young man would not have had to make his ultimate sacrifice today.

It is time for society to stop and to say no to violence in any form, to tell those who have adopted violence as a way to achieve their political goals this is not who we are, to tell those who preach radicalized hate that we will no longer tolerate their message.

It is time to once again teach our children to love one another, to protect the weak, and to treat all people with respect.

Most importantly it is time for us to be far better examples to our children than we have been.

If you want to know where they are learning that violence is the answer, look in the mirror, look on TV, look at pop culture, look at our political environment.

We are failing our kids.
They deserve better.

Perhaps today one of them showed us how we all should be acting as he stepped into the breach we have torn in the fabric of our society.

---Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich

My heart goes out to Sam Strahan's family.
(If you want to hit "like" I'll assume you feel the same way)

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