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Help Each Other. Be Courteous and Kind
This is very touching.
Gladys' Cafe in St. Thomas posted this after Hurricane Irma slammed into the island:

Today we were honored to serve approx 500 of our friends and neighbors.

We were able to serve our specialty dishes (curry and stew chicken, oxtails, etc.).

We also served burgers (2 cases), sandwiches, wings(71lbs) and plantains, along with approximately 30lbs of chicken and rice.

Luckily, we had ice for most of the day so we were able to get juice, lemonade and fruit punch to the thirsty as we suspect water will be all we will have for a while.

Thanks to all who came and waited patiently for some items to be cooked and who understood when we ran out of hot food.

Thanks to all who tried to pay for their dish.
Please use that money to help the next person you meet have a better day.

We will assess our resources tomorrow and post when food will be available.

It looks like we only have breakfast items left, so we will post specifics in the morning.

Meals will be free as well tomorow.

Thank you to all who came in to clean up so we could cook.
Stay strong St.Thomas!

Regardless of what is happening always face the day with a smile.

Credits: ---Gladys' Cafe
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