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This Is Proof There Are Some Good and Thoughtful People in This World.
Colleen Hawk posted this.
She had to evacuate because of the Hurricane.
Here's what she wrote:

Please look carefully at this picture.
I took it at the very crowded rest stop just inside the AL border.

The man in the white striped t-shirt is handing out free water.

His crew behind him, behind the table, was BBQing hamburgers and hot dogs.
All the fixings are on the table.

And. They. Were. GIVING IT ALL AWAY FOR FREE to hungry/weary evacuees, of which we are.

They were generous.
They were welcoming.
They were selflessly working on a hot day for the benefit of others.

When I asked who they were, the angel on earth said:
"Just people, ma'am.
Just people who love God and want to help."

I tried to give a donation, as there was no donation box.
He refused it.

Told me to put it in my gas tank.
No, I insisted.
I begged him to take it.

I told him to help replenish the supplies OR pass it along to another in need greater than us.
Only then did he take it.
He said he would.

I had to walk away because I was starting to cry.
This is what a Christian looks like to me.

Thanks to Colleen's friend Kelly Nickerson Bebout for sharing this story.

Credits Colleen Hawk
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