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This Dad Wrote and Sings a Song for His Daughters and Its Amazing
"Ok so I wrote another song I was gonna sing to my girls and Kyla, but they made a surprising arrival on Tuesday! I want to go ahead and share it anyways! Taylor Swift has always been Kyla's inspiration, so please enjoy our new hit,"Look What Mom Does for You." I hope Elliott and Georgia will appreciate this one day."
Credits: Cole Farden
13,883 views Sep 8, 2017

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MJE817 350 points
You go Miracle Daddy!
+10 votes
Sep 8, 2017
Mrandle 300 points
The sweetest! The girls are so lucky to have them as their mommy and daddy! Tswift would love.... just sayin!
+6 votes
Sep 9, 2017
Benil 250 points
Roanoke, Tx
+5 votes
Sep 9, 2017
JJELLIS 370 points
All I can say is this.  Cole and Kyla are two of the most incredible people I know.  Their love for their girls is undeniable.  Georgia and Elliott are very blessed.
+5 votes
Sep 9, 2017
Ccbott 230 points
Love it
+4 votes
Sep 9, 2017
tkennewell 230 points
This is amazing. A beautiful love song to all 3 of his girls. I used to word in L&D at Baylor Grapevine so it's fun to hear it mentioned in the song along with the nurses and docs. Dr's Graham and Payne were my high risk doctors 24 years ago for my 4th baby. I picked them after working with them at Baylor Dallas and knew they were the best. Keep writing those songs daddy.
+4 votes
Sep 9, 2017
KatieRN 230 points
Such a sweet and positive family. Love the song!
+4 votes
Sep 10, 2017
Keari.Hatton 210 points
These baby girls are going to love their parents!!
+3 votes
Sep 11, 2017
Peggy Grove 260 points
This dad wrote three songs and they are all AMAZING!!  He is very talented!!  This couple plus the wife's parents were loved by the staff at the hospital.  Many bonds were formed during  her stay in the hospital.  These two little girls are truly blessed by having such loving people in their lives.   I think it's really cool  the dad mentioned the nurses, doctors and hospital in his song.  What a great tribute to those who were so involved in the care of  Kyla and their precious little girls.
+2 votes
Sep 11, 2017
JJELLIS 370 points
I watch this video AT LEAST once a day because I MISS this family so much!  I must say my favorite part is the clap at the very end.  I also really enjoy the emphasized line of "look what mom does for you".  This video makes me smile.  My heart is so full.  So much talent went into this.  Please come visit me soon!  Love y'all!
+1 vote
Sep 12, 2017
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