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The Most Deserving School Beating the Odds
I go to Greene Early College High School in Snow Hill, North Carolina. Our school consists of academically advanced students who, sadly, are normally financially challenged. My teacher, Mrs. Heather Davis, plans our school wide trip every year and this year she wants to give all 170 of our students a fun trip to Disney World in Florida. This is a very expensive trip and not many of our students can go. To combat this lack of money she has been writing to Ellen DeGeneres every day for the past month asking for any donations for our trip. Most of our teachers have been calling her a little crazy for this but I think it's exceptional. Our school has been through some tough times lately but we've had always banded together and helped each other. Aiven, a Hispanic student, lost his eye in an accident in Mexico when he was a child. He had worn a glass eye over the years, but it became infected and would no longer fit. The cost to replace it was more than his family could spare so a group of his peers started their own Go Fund Me to raise money for his new eye. We had another group of students sell tamales for their peer who was critically injured in a car wreck that killed her older brother. Without prompting from any staff member, they raised almost $1700. This past school year, a student lost his house in a fire and again our students stepped up to raise money for him. An administrator in our building was hit while on his bicycle and not expected to make it. Our students again rallied to support his family financially in their time of need. Even more recently the past year our county has been through two devastating floods yet we still continue to help other by donating goods to Texas which has also been flooded. The list goes on. Our county is poor and many of our students live below the poverty line yet this does not stop their giving nature. We are hard working with a graduation rate of 100% and are a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. We were even named a “School Beating the Odds” by Newsweek for students living below the poverty threshold. We really deserve a little vacation, but not all of our students can afford this vacation. Please share our story.
Credits: Ashley Tatum
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