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Much Love and Respect to All, Stay Strong
"The father of my kids is the Hardin County Sheriff's Deputy, Bart Bendy. The last week and a half of our lives has been absolute chaos. It's still a mess, however, slowly but surely, we are finding our "normal" so to speak. Hurricane Harvey has wrecked shop in our area. It has been mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. Many of us have been pushed well beyond what we thought our limits were, and we are still holding strong. Bart has been stuck on Lumberton Isle, completely cutoff from the outside world due to the floods, and he had not seen his children (Spencer or Nikkasia) in nearly two weeks. It was absolutely dreadful for me knowing how bad my kids wanted to see their daddy, so I know that it was killing him inside. It may not seem like much to anyone else, but it moved mountains for us. Tears were shed, and a feeling of instant relief came over us the second that Bart was able to wrap his arms around Nikkasia and Spencer."

Credit: Angella Tomas Bendy
987 views Sep 5, 2017

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