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Find the Man Who Made This Family's Day
I am trying to find the gentleman on the left side of this picture holding my son up on his shoulders. We owe him big time. We took our kids to the Luke Bryan concert last Thursday August 17th in Va Beach. We met this gentleman while waiting for the concert to start, he saw us with the kids and how excited the kids were, he generously offered to help hold the kids up so they could see. I figured maybe he would hold them up for a song but no he took turns with my hubby holding each of the kids up all night long. And did I mention it was 100 degrees outside with humidity of 100 percent in a packed venue!! So he held my hot sweaty kids up all night!! He paid just as much as we did for our tickets but he gave up his evening with his date to make sure our kids had a good night!! Please help me find so I can thank him, I didn't even get his name, I just know he is in the navy, at the end of the concert Bug insisted on walking up and leaving flowers she picked for Luke (and held all night) on the stage when I turned around the gentleman was gone.
Credits: Happy Acres Photography
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