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Photographer Captures Exact Moment One Man Learns He's Going To Be A Dad
"When Chelsie found out she was pregnant, she put together a special photo shoot so she could surprise her husband with the news. I asked them to write three qualities they admire about each other on the chalk boards. (I was a nervous mess) Will was like 'Oh this is awesome!' The announcement was all Chelsie's idea. Together, we orchestrated the entire shoot down to the minute she was able to reveal the news. Will, her husband, thought they won a photo shoot and he was already SO excited about just that. He REALLY had no idea what he was in for. I even put together a fake email congratulating them on their win so he had no reason to think anything different! He was looking for three words that described him best but what he read was "You're going to be a daddy." Tears were flowing and hugs were being shared. It was incredible."
Credits: Kara Quinn Photography
976 views Aug 24, 2017

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Amotherof3 150 points
I love these photos. Would have loved to have told my husband like this when we had children!!  What true joy!!!!
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Aug 24, 2017