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Man With Special Needs Approaches Fitness Guru “10 Times in 45 Minutes”
A Facebook post showing a simple act of kindness in a Pascagoula gym has received a lot of attention online.

On Monday Ricky Derouen posted a pair of photos to his Facebook account showing a man lending a helping hand to a special needs gym member. "While working out at Planet Fitness in Pascagoula a special needs man constantly approached him about 10 different times in a 45 minute time span with handshakes, hugs, questions and interactions," the post read.

But the man's reaction is what has the internet buzzing. "Not only did this man smile, laugh, give him workout advice multiple times, and joke back with him while getting in his own workout but he didn't care who was watching while doing it.....his patience, compassion, and friendliness was next level admirable," Derouen wrote. "Towards the end of the workout the special needs man approached me and pointed to the man in the orange shirt and said "that's my friend" with a huge smile on his face."

"The world needs more people like this man in the orange shirt, well done sir." Later, Derouen updated the post after discovering the identity of the generous man. "Ladies and Gentlemen we found the man in Orange David Samuel ," he wrote.

On Tuesday, the Facebook post had over 1,000 comments praising the man's generosity and love.

Credits: Ricky Derouen
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