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We made it!
My girlfriend wrote me this amazing song after a long stay in the hospital. She took care of me in any way she possibly could. She kept me fighting and I would love to share this as a thank you to her. We are gay living in rural Utah. No bueno!!! I just love my Meg and thought you might too! I am home recovering and we need to start living our dreams! We are looking into moving to California in the near future. Would love any help finding a place or job. We are totally 150% hard workers that need to live where we can be accepted. Thanks for your time!
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ashjen3981 200 points
Meet my hero. Ashley Jensen. First ER visit: April 10th. Discharge date: May 1st. To a nursing home. Times she's given up: zero. Times she could have: infinite. Never seen someone in so much pain. She lost the use of her legs. Finally doctors listened when a portion of her right arm swelled, became hard and was obviously infected. Then started the MRIs. This girl's been through WAY TOO MUCH. The severity of her long list of illnesses and the implications it consistently has on her day to day life... look at the scars. Evidence of the crazy that's been on the insides of her for years. She was on a medication recently that helped A LOT in some ways but also paved the way for troublesome areas of tissue to become grossly infected. Had to slice her open and get rid of some major abscesses. Them are some big-a** scars, emphasis on a** because that's exactly where that one behemoth of an incision is. Sponge baths are great, but man, that shower after three weeks must've felt really good! Glad you're still with us, Ash. Thanks for fighting. Try not to get too rowdy with your new neighbors. Bingo, Q-tip painting and crosswords can get out of hand. Try to keep your cool. ;)
Thank you to all those who have lent your support and love.
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Aug 8, 2017