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I felt compelled to post this story about Kortney Glover.
I felt compelled to post this story about Kortney Glover.
Her cousin asked me to share it to "help make Kortney smile again."

Kortney's husband just died unexpectedly.
He was a paramedic and was only 29 years old.

But two days later something happened that Kortney calls a miracle.
Here's what she wrote:

As you all know I lost my heart and soul unexpectedly on Saturday.
On Monday I took a test and found we were pregnant.

My husband left this earth but has left behind a miracle and a glimmer of hope for our family and loved ones.

My heart breaks that our 2 littlest ones will never know their daddy (one is 8 the other is 1) but I know we will keep his memory alive with stories, pictures and videos.

As I wear his wedding ring it brings me comfort knowing he is close to me and now I have another piece of him growing inside of me.

Please pray for my family as we are going through the hardest time of our lives.

---Kortney Glover

As I mentioned at the top, Kortney's cousin, Jennifer Hawkins Fleming, sent me the story.

And what she wrote was really touching.
She said:

"Kortney is so strong, brave and usually full of laughter.
I write you in hopes you can help make her smile again.
She needs a break, a light of hope that life will get better.
She's been through so much and she's so young."

Well I sure hope this post helps Kortney smile again.
I will also assume if you want to hit "like" that you feel the same way.


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