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"They listen.
"They listen.

I was in Target today picking up some last minute school supplies and it was just disappointing. I don't know if it was the day or time or what - but it felt like it was just full of complaining. Complaining about the notebooks or pencil count or the number of crayons. Maybe I just stepped in the wrong aisle at the wrong time.


If we want them excited about school doesn't it start with us?

Doesn't it start with us deciding to not complain about supplies but instead build excitement over what will fill those notebooks? Or what those crayons will color? Or calculators compute?

I get that it costs money, I get that.

I get that the lists are crazy long and with that one green plastic no prong folder that sells out on week one.

I get that money can be tight.

But no matter what - your, our, words matter.

When I was in Haiti there was no education. Parents worked many jobs so their children could get a chance to attend school. Education matters. No matter what way - public, virtual, private, homeschool - education changes our children's lives.

So be excited about those supplies.

Those vivid Crayon markers will tell stories and the hand sanitizer keep them healthy and the grid paper will provide order and the erasers will correct.

From one mom who spent a bunch too. From one mom who has complained too. From one mom loving this journey. From one mom who stumbles and falls down and tries again.

From one mom who forgets.

They listen.

Love of learning starts with you.


Ps. I just love you guys. This is really meant as that reminder to pay attention to words. That's it."


Credit: Finding Joy via Rachel Marie Martin


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