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“I have always been a self-motivated go-getter who has always helped others.
“I have always been a self-motivated go-getter who has always helped others.

I used to think of homeless people as dirty or drug addicted individuals who had made serious mistakes in life.

Now when I look in the mirror I see the face of homelessness in the Bay Area...ME."

Those words are from Lesha Mandolph.

I love her smile.
And her daughter is precious.

I can’t explain it.
But when I saw Lesha and her family and read their story, I just felt compelled to try to do something to help them.

Here’s what Lesha wrote:

Almost 1 year ago my family and I lost our apartment because we could no longer afford our Oakland rent.

We are Oakland natives that have been driven out of the rental market.

We have 3 children with no place to go.

My husband was driving Uber & Lyft, but since we had to leave our only family member's apartment due to landlord stating the unit was too crowded, he cannot work anymore as we are living out of the car.

We are both employable non-drug users.

I never imagined we would be here with a 1, 15 & 17 year old children.

The Target bathroom is my new place to take a bath when we run out of hotel money.

Our leased vehicle, which is about to be repossessed, is my bed for the night.
My view is the big cranes at the Port of Oakland.

As the waves crash, my 1 year old suckles and I feel hopeless and helpless as I stare into her brown eyes.

I want to work, but can't even find a stable place to live.

Shelters have a 5 month or more waitlist for a family of 5 and since I'm married and not a victim of domestic abuse I'm shunned there too.

I have tried to turn to my family and my husband’s family, but most are poor and unwilling to sacrifice their own government assisted apartments to help us.

In-spite of it all this my 15 year old son managed to finish the school year with a 3.0 GPA.

He has slept in the car, on many floors and sofas without complaint and has done so with humility.
He is my hero and my soldier.

---Lesha Mandolph

I don’t normally put up gofundme pages.
But again there's just something about Lesha and her family.

Maybe it's her smile.
Maybe it's that she could be any one of us.
Whatever the case I want to try to help them.

Here's a link to their page:

If you can’t donate that’s okay.
Instead maybe just “like” the story to show your support or leave an encouraging message.
I’m sure they would appreciate it.


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