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"So, this just happened...pull off 5th St exit on my way home from work and this
"So, this just happened...pull off 5th St exit on my way home from work and this guy is slumped in his seat at the stop sign. I pull over and call 911 and give them all the details: vomiting, convulsing, unconscious but breathing. I'm on the phone with 911, directing traffic around this guy's truck coming off the exit and people are stopping at the intersection to take pictures of him and asking me if it's from heroin. All I'm saying is 'MOVE! You're blocking traffic and not helping AT ALL!' I told 911 no evidence of drug use or alcohol, even his vomit didn't smell like it. The first cop that pulled up immediately said this guy was OD'ing. Now I'm well aware we're fighting a horrendous drug epidemic - believe me, I get it - and I'm sure this officer followed protocol and did his job - but to an outsider and seeing this guy as a human instead of one of the many possible OD situations I'm sure they see everyday, it was immediate. He leaned in, looked at the guy and said 'OD.' Why? Because he was unconscious? Convulsing? Dying?! The ambulance pulls up pretty quickly, they start assessing the guy and get him awake and to the ambulance. They ask him if he's done any drugs or had anything to drink and he says no. Now you might think 'Well sure he's gonna say "no" amirite? But then they ask him 'Well why are you sweating so bad? What happened?' And he says 'I'm diabetic.' DIABETIC!!! They continue to search his car, finding nothing while the ambulance takes him away and the couple that stopped before me and I are told we can leave. I just wanted to share this to let people know, not everyone that's unconscious and needing medical attention is an addict OD'ing. And even if they are, SO WHAT?! There's a human being in an emergency situation and needing help. Isn't that what the concern should be instead of judging someone we know absolutely NOTHING about? What happened to "It takes a village" or "Love thy neighbor?" That could have been someone's dad, son, brother, husband - and he could have died. That's all that should matter. I hope this helps someone remember that."


Credit: Natalie Thompson


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