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I had a debate with two people in the newsroom last night about an NBA player who was shamed online for his "small tip"
I had a debate with two people in the newsroom last night about an NBA player who was shamed online for his "small tip" and called "trash."

My two co-workers both thought he deserved it.
But my position is just the opposite.

I'm sick of people "shaming" others on social media.
To me it's the ugly side of social media and I want no part of it.

Here's what happened and you can decide for yourself.

Andre Roberson just signed a 30 million dollar contract with the OKC Thunder.

He was at a bar and ordered a bottle of liquor for $487.00.
He then left a $13 tip.

His waiter got angry and posted the receipt on line:

‪@FlyDre21‬ get paid 30 million for 3 years and tips this!!!
Your trash!!!

Lots of people on line including TMZ picked up the story and made their snarky comments about Roberson's tip.

Roberson then responded on Instagram and said:

Ok let me clear this up for all the ignorant people out there that wanna talk bad about my name!!

First of all, all I bought was a bottle of liquor which happens to range from 84-129$ retail at a store!

And I just so happen to buy this same bottle at this bar (not club) and it happened to be marked up to 487$
Which is unbelievable for a bar but all good still bought it anyways.

But then you got BS media outlets going around saying I was at a restaurant eating...or at a bar running up a tab on food and drinks!
No that's false!

Anyways I left 13 dollars to even it out to 500!

But right before I ordered the bottle I had a 100$ tab on shots and left 200$tip (and closed) now if you ask me that's great!!

I figured instead of ordering shots and waiting every time in line, it would be smarter/cheaper to buy a bottle than to pay for shots and wait, so that's what I did!

So I thought he'd be grateful about the 200$tip and would take 100$ off the tip before I had a bottle and put it towards the 487$ over priced bottle and call it even.."but no I'm in the Nba I'm obligated to over pay"!

I don't roll like that.. (and) when you try to take advantage of a situation it pisses me off!!!

So yea that's my side of the story which is actually facts so stop assuming and listening to fake blogs!!

It looks worse than it actually is!!
That's all I'm going to speak on.
So have a great day!

---Andre Roberson

Just to be clear, I understand the importance of tipping.
I understand that restaurant workers depend on tips to survive.

This isn't a post to debate his tip.
This is a post to debate the public shaming.
I think it's out of control.

Social media can be used is so many positive ways.
Shaming someone is not one of them.

And it's also no joke.
It can have devesting effects on people.
Especially high school students.

Those are my thoughts.
What about you?

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