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Dad Wishes His Daughter on Her 21st Birthday in the Most Hilarious Way and the Internet Gone Crazy
We all are quite aware of our dad’s funny side, and a child can never get old about father’s joke and his sense of humour. Recently a 21-year-old Raylin Pellatt tweeted a screenshot of a Facebook post, wherein her daddy cool hilariously wished her birthday. The daughter could not stop herself from posting the picture on social media which went viral within no time. In the post, her father Joe Pellatt wished her 21st birthday and even posted a picture of his daughter Raylin who was posing next to a sea lion. Dad captioned the picture as, “Happy 21st Birthday to my beautiful daughter (left) Raylin!”
The birthday girl Raylin, a student at Michigan State University shared the funny post on Twitter and people went gaga over it. We must say that her dad has won the internet with his perfect comic timing and we loved his innocent act. Twitter could not stop laughing at this post, and within no time, the Twitterati was flooded with various memes and reactions.
Joe Pellatt’s funny birthday wish has collected 6 lakh likes and over 1.8 lakh retweets. “We’ve loved seeing how far the tweet has been going and have been talking about it in our family group chat with my mum and sister all weekend,” she said to Buzzfeed. We salute you Joe Pellatt, and you have won our hearts with your amazing sense of humour.
“I love giving my dad updates on the retweets and favourites and seeing how many people think my dad is funny!” says Raylin to NDTV. She further added saying, “We have a family group chat where we have been talking about this all weekend. It’s fun to see the numbers to keep going up.” You have surely taken away our mid-week blues and have given us a reason to smile. Joe’s birthday wish has undoubtedly left everyone in splits.
Credits: Raylin Pellatt | Facebook
Raylin Pellatt | Twitter
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