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A True Love Story
All of us could use a real story to make us smile and remind us that there are a lot of good things happening in the world. Pictured here is 89 year old Bob Humphries and 87 year old Bernie Bluett and in a moment you’ll find out what they’re doing this week and how it all started with a phone call.
But first their story.
Bob and Bernie were childhood sweethearts and this is what Bernie said about the first time they met: “There was something between us. We went for a walk and I thought "This is the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.” But then came World War Two and Bob was sent to France.
He wrote Bernie many love letters but he never heard back from her and assumed she’d lost interest. Not so. As it happened, Bernie never got the letters because her parents didn’t like the relationship and intercepted the letters before she could see them. So Bernie thought Bob had lost interest.
Fast forward 70 years to today.
By now, Bob and Bernie had both been married and both were now widowed. Bob learned where Bernie was living and called her. "When I answered the phone, all he wanted to know was what had happened to me. He asked me what he did wrong. I didn’t say anything, I just burst into tears."
And here's the great news .... Bob and Bernie are now getting married! One True Love. Aaah.
Credits Dave Sommers
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