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This Is One of Those Stories Where You Meet Someone and You Think to Yourself
This is one of those stories where you meet someone and you think to yourself:

I know you from somewhere.
And then it all clicks in.

Here's what Sarah Doolin-Filice wrote about meeting this young man named Dijon:

NICU Friends...
I have an AWESOME story to share!

We have had a crew of guys from Blacktop Paving at our place to do some asphalt work.

One of the guys' name is Dijon...
Not a real common name, so I asked him:
"Do you have a twin sister?"

His eyes get really BIG and he says:

Then I ask him if her name is Dijonaise and his eyes get even BIGGER and he says:

How do you know that?
Do you know my sister?"

I ask one final question:
"Where you born prematurely at Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford?"

He spins around in a circle and says:
"How do you know all this?!!"

I told him that I was one of the nurses that took care of him and his sister after they were born!!

Small world isn't it?!!
Six degrees of separation!

He grew up to be an amazing young man...
He is 21 years old now and his sister is doing well too!
He says "hi" to everyone who remembers him and his sister❣️💕

Credits Sarah Doolin-Filice
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