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Driver Makes Every Kid on Her Route Feel Special, Hand-making Each a Toy
"I am a bus driver and my elementary students see me crochet and they thought they could challenge me. It all started with a taco, and it ended up being 34 items. The students got to pick what they wanted and I crocheted it. All but the star war patterns were free. They all loved them! Found out from parents that some take them to bed, some go to church with them. Some had to go on vacation with them. Makes my heart melt that these little items mean so much to these beautiful children."

Credits: Trudy Serres
1,541 views Jul 10, 2017

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angelyn 230 points
You are an Awesome Lady that I've known only through FB but what you've done for these kids is a Wonderful Thing. You are an Awesome Bus Driver and Friend to these Children. The gifts you've made them they will Never Forget You <3
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Jul 10, 2017
Trudster 160 points
Thank you for your kind words
Jensalz 200 points
Best story !
+2 votes
Jul 11, 2017
Kimsandholm 190 points
Beautiful story!
+2 votes
Jul 11, 2017
TracyFace 200 points
This just warms my heart. I love this!
+1 vote
Jul 12, 2017
jlmorris87 170 points
This is the kind of stuff I LOVE to see in the news! These children are so lucky to have such an amazing bus driver in their life that goes above and beyond for them❤️ My kids are jealous and want you as a bus driver, Trudy!  
+1 vote
Jul 12, 2017
Chris Petek 150 points
What a special lady! Putting Waukesha Wisconsin on the map!
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Jul 19, 2017
Bonzo 150 points
Amazing talent and love for children! You are an angel for these children and they will forever treasure your act of kindness!
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Oct 5, 2017