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That's What Family Is All About
"They say it takes a village to raise a child. Jolie's village happens to be made of family and aspiring doctors and their spouses. A group of people who perhaps have less free time than any I know, spent countless hours taking her to the park, picking her up from daycare, and entertaining her when I could not. People comment on her easygoing nature, which often leaves me with a slight bit of guilt. She is that way because she had to be. She has made sacrifices her entire life without even realizing it. She was regularly the first one to daycare and the last one to leave. Some days I left for the hospital before she woke up and got home after she was asleep. There were times when her daddy was working overseas while I was rotating in a different city, and I would not see her for days. All that being said, I have one of the sweetest, happiest, and most loving little toddlers. Fourth year of medical school has been filled with easy rotations, downtime, vacation, and for us, an opportunity to make up for lost time, which I have so thoroughly enjoyed. But I know that a career in medicine is filled with a lifetime of sacrifices, not only for the individual working, but also for their entire family. I just hope Jolie will grow to learn the importance of compassion and the value in working for the greater good. But most of all, I hope that one day she can look back and still be proud to call me her mom. To all of our family and friends who have helped us to this point, I could never thank you enough. Jolie would not be the same amazing little girl she is without you."
Credits: Alicia Chautin
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