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Change The Face of Depression

First Project- INTRO




Change The Face of Depression is a Foundation hosting an annual convention where Artists/ Stylists/ Barbers/ Cosmetologists/ Photographers/ Videographers/ Graphics/ Makeup (ect.) can come together
*Expand their portfolio
*Gain experience
*Make an impact on someone's life.

Providing a mini-makeover and photo shoot.

*Essential for Self Esteem
*Mental Health

The Convention will be broken into sectors, then genre.

Glamour shots
Raw Image

The genres will be broken down into booths or chair.

A company or full team/ company/ business can purchase an entire booth/ any additional space in the booth would be open as a chair. Chairs can be purchased individually, per genre they are interested in working with:
*Gain Experience
*Team work
*Build Creationism

Donations/ Hours can be credited to all companies/ schools/ individuals as it's a partnering business and non-profit.

The variety of art perspectives will enhance the opportunity to show beauty in a multitude of forms. This convention will be open to anyone diagnosed with a mental illness, specifically targeting depression, giving them the gift of life, once again with a photo-shoot and mini-makeover.

I feel, honestly, if this was something offered to me during my darkest days of depression, it would have made a great impact on my recovery. Something so simple, yet so important.
"Take off the mask" represents ripping off the blind depression has plastered on one’s self-worth. Allowing you to see yourself at your best, the way the world deserves to see you. Ripping off the mask depression has blinded you with.

Get Involved. Join the Movement.
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