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We All Have Those "Poor Me" Moments
"I came out of Mount Auburn Hospital, after a check up on my fractured finger, and started walking to my car. This kind woman and I came to the staircase door together, so I rushed to open it for her. For that split second, I forgot my finger was broken. I hurt myself opening it. She smiled, thanked me, and went in. I followed her up the stairs. I was holding my hand in pain and feeling a little down, thinking, 'I have to wear this splint for weeks, here goes my summer full of activities I had planned.' Then life checked me. As I was feeling down, I looked up. I noticed the woman I held the door for, now holding it for me as we were parked on the same level. She looked weak opening it too, but she didn't have a splint. Her finger was not broken, and the door wasn't exceptionally heavy. She was wearing a very warm hat on her head, and she had no hair.

In fact, she had no eyelashes, or eyebrows, she was going through chemo. That one second that I felt sad for having pain in my finger, all of a sudden became irrelevant. What is she going through? Her whole body hurts, her brain is buzzing, she can't think straight, what about her relationships, appetite, family, worries.... ah... the tentacles of cancer are all around her. Will she pull through? I hope she does. Everything is relative in this life. We are living better than millions of others, and others have it better than us. But only according to you, not them. Reality is what we perceive it to be. Everyone's battle is unique, whether physical or mental. I wish her a healthy recovery with all my heart. God gave me 10 fingers, it's okay if one has a wittle booboo for some time."

Credits: Yerevan Boston
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