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He Is Awesome. What a Champ? Great Work Jacob
Today my 2 year old reminded me of a valuable lesson I’ve been drilling into him since the day he started crawling, and that is failing or making mistakes in life is completely fine (and even normal), but giving up is not. I often even congratulate him when he fails at something or makes mistakes as I don’t ever want him to be afraid of being defeated.
This race was the grand final for the championship title in his league, he had already won earlier in his heat (and smoked them) so this race was for that big tall trophy that came up to his shoulders : )
Jacob had an excellent lead out of the gate BUT… just a few seconds into the race he got the speed wobbles and crashed. He was completely taken over by everyone in the race and now was at the back. He got up, dusted himself off and kept racing eventually climbing back to 5th place!
What he told me was it hardly matters if we come first in life or not… what matters is our winning attitude and our determination to keep going regardless of how many times we've slipped up. If we stay in our failures we're guaranteed to get nowhere, giving up is the only sure way to fail.
I found some cheesy music I edited to this video that was playing through my head as I was watching my boy be a real winner. : ) Enjoy.
Credits : Andrew-Sarah White
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