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Whatever you do - just don't give up. Climb those mountains !
This is a story about my Son in Law, Axel and my daughter Ashlyn. My youngest grandson was born with a condition called Lebers, which caused him to be blind at birth. My daughter studied Para legal and Criminal Justice and graduated via classes online, while taking care of Ace, who is 5 and Gunner, who will be 3 in August. Gunner's condition and blindness, there is no cure or treatment at this time. From the day we learned of Gunner's challenges, my daughter's life changed. Her calling in life is to provide the tools and opportunities for Gunner to be an intelligent, independent young man. While that is many years down the road, she continues to raise awareness in the community, working closely with Deafinetly Dogs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her husband, Axel, served 4 years in the Marines - 2 tours to Afghanistan, and a mission tour to Haiti. Axel has just recently gotten a companion dog from Deafinetly Dogs to assist with his PTSD from war. Gunner will be united with his companion dog later this year, as his dog is still in training, and Gunner is still just a little too young, and his companion dog is still in extensive training. A companion dog will help distract Gunner's energy when he is frustrated and tries to self hurt out of frustration ( banging his head on the floor, etc ) . Ashlyn and Axel have done an amazing job with Gunner's village of therapists, each teaching a different tool that Gunner will need in every day life. Gunner is a happy, curious, smart little boy with a quick smile ! His smile melts your heart, and you simply know that he will do wonderful things in his lifetime. Big brother Ace, who is 5 protects and looks out for Gunner, helping him to join in and play in the yard, just a brothers do. They are buddies and seem to have the most amazing ability to just be near each other, not saying a word, but bonding and simply enjoying each other so much. An unspoken brotherly love. They are in the process of fund raising to pay Gunner's mounting medical bills and to make repairs in their house so that Gunner has a safe environment for his needs. They make a variety of crafts , cards, and other items for sale and attend craft shows in the Cedar Rapids, IA area , in hopes of putting that money toward their medical bills. Ellen, if you could find it in your heart to assist in any little way to Gunner Lincoln and his family, it would mean the world to not only my daughter and her family, but also to a mother and grandmother that pray for them every day. One of the many things that amazes me the most is that they never complain. They reach out and help others who need assistance, whether is simply a shoulder to lean on, or by giving them resources to contact in the area for assistance. Coming from a military background, they are quick to help other Veterans in need, and are firm believers of paying it forward. Ellen, if you could take just a few minutes to listen to their story thru my daughter's blogs, she writes to calm her soul and to help accept and prepare for what life holds in store for them, I would never be able to say thank you enough to your kindness and compassion. My daughter and her family - my 2 little grandsons mean the world to me. I only wish I could help them more, and thus I am turning to you - the most kind hearted and generous person in our world today. Ashlyn has no idea that I'm writing to you for assistance. Mother's do their best to protect their children and grandchildren, much as Ashlyn is doing for her family and for Gunner. Their fate has not been decided. Be the change. Be the change you want to see in the world. Read, Educate, Advocate. Ask questions. Get involved. Whatever you do, just don't give up. I will never give up in hoping for a wonderful life filed with love and laughter for the Lincoln Family. Thank you for taking the time to learn about my family.
God Bless Your Kind and loving Soul ~
Jill Clark -proud and loving Mother of Ashlyn and Axel and adoring Grandmother of Ace and Gunner Lincoln - my world !
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I have never seen a person work so hard for her family and advocate for people with disabilities. She is a trooper
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May 8, 2017