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Some Basic Kindness and Compassion Being Displayed by a Stranger.
"I always read other stories from parents of a worker or a stranger going above and beyond for their autistic/special needs child and they always make me so happy. This is my son and a new friend he made at the Neptune City Beauty Supply Store. Jaiden was restless and hungry but we had to make a quick run to the store on the way home. When he gets that way, it is almost impossible to get him to focus and stand still, so he was all over the store and touching pretty much everything. But I know he can't help it. This woman, that we never met, saw him having a small meltdown and instead of the usual stares/silent judgement/attitude, she was so kind. She offered to watch after him while my mom and I shopped. She pulled out her phone and had him do a little photoshoot and some dancing while he tried on their sunglasses. My son was so happy. I've never experienced anything like that in my 6 years of being an Autism parent. And I can't explain how grateful I was. Jaiden cried when we had to leave, but he gave her a hug and told her he would miss his new friend. We all gave her a hug. And this Sunday, we're going to visit and bring her some ice cream. Kindness really matters"
Credits : shekiraf via Instagram
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