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An Unselfish Act of Love and Kindness
In light of National Infertility Week, I wanted to share a small part of our infertility journey...
Expecting and planning for a child is not just filled with excitement and joy, but it's filled with loss, pain, anger, patience (lots of patience), loneliness, vulnerability, and sometimes (only sometimes) is it followed by excitement and tears of joy. After losing our 4th child from an unexpected, life-threatening event, I decided to document our infertility journey for myself, for our family, and for those who experience something similar, yet keep quiet about their losses. Our story did not begin here, it began several years ago, but I chose to document this stage in life because there's more to it, more than we had ever had imagined, and now we have a little announcement... We have no idea what the outcome will be, but we are going to embrace the excitement we currently are experiencing. Little Vinson expected in November 2017!!
This project was a bit rough for me. Real moments. Raw emotion. Sharing this makes me a little more vulnerable than I care to be, but I know God wants us to share our story in hopes to heal others!
Credits : Chasnie Vinson
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