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This is Just a Beautiful Story
I have been a yearbook rep for six years, and this was hands-down the most touching moment of my career to date. I'm also not sure it will ever be topped.
About a week ago I received a phone call from somebody who lives out of state who wanted to purchase a yearbook for his brother for graduation as a surprise. He mailed a check, but it did not arrive in time for his brother's name to get on the list before distribution.
I was told that he was lurking around the yearbook tables all morning trying to catch a glimpse and that he wanted a book so badly.
After the gym emptied out and everybody went home, he was still hanging around helping the yearbook staff clean up. He was vibrant, bubbly, happy. You would never know that he was crushed at not having a yearbook.
Somebody mentioned his name, and it immediately rang a bell. I knew his brother had mailed the check, so I went to the back room to grab him a book. As I was walking back there, I thought it would be cool for his brother to share the moment. I found our text message exchange and asked him if he was available.
I walked back into the gym with his brother on FaceTime and said, "Hey, I have somebody who wants to talk to you!" Mind you, I have never met this student before in my life, so you can imagine his surprise when I approached him as a stranger and have his brother on my phone.
His brother told him that he bought him a yearbook, and this muscular, tough boy was instantly moved to tears.
"Bro, I wanted one so bad. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I wanted one so bad! Now you've got me crying in front of all these females!"
It was the coolest thing to be a part of. It made every sleepless night worth it. This is why I do what I do.
Credits : Julie Maddaleni
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