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Hawks Rocked the House Saturday
Hawks rocked the house Saturday
Credits : Beverly Garner Johnson
682 views Apr 25, 2017
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DinahFarrell 200 points
THIS is a Prime example of "Defying Aging"!  As years pass, knees and ankles wear out, quads are weaker and burn sooner, flexability becomes less or limited, memory has it's voids or slower recall and injuries heal much slower!  This Crew motivates me to push through those challenges, though safely, but NOT MAKE EXCUSES nor GIVING UP!  The less we use those falculties the less we can do.  Use it or loose it!  As we aspire to live longer we hope to be healthy and agile and not miserably awaiting our demise.  We don't need anything special just put the music on, right Ellen!   
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May 1, 2017
sawhiteboy 130 points
I like the short blonde in the middle. Looking forward to traveling to the Golden State for Ellen's show. Play that funky music, White Boy. Actually I know the short blonde in the middle. Smoooooch.
Mark Kurtz 160 points
This over 50 hip hop crew is quickly becoming a very loved dance team around Atlanta and the nation dancing at all sorts of venues from Hawks games to hip hop international. Let's go Classic Crew!
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May 1, 2017
Connie Korb 190 points
I love my Silver Classix Crew and very honored to be a part of this fabulous team for the past 3 years.   SCC has had the privilege of performing at the Atlanta Hawks games and many other venues around the Atlanta area.  We all traveled to Las Vegas last August 2016 and competed for the World International Hip Hop Dance Championship along with appearing in videos along side Amigos, 2 Chains, Macklemore and Silento..yes the video of "Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae.  Age is like a fine bottle of wine..you don't get older you get better.  Turn your music on and  we will dance for you.
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May 1, 2017
Tootsie 160 points
This gang of "greats" ranges in age from 52 to 75.  I ought to know.  I am the 75 year old and no one is more surprised than I.  I thought these numbers meant rocking chairs and orthopedic shoes but no.   I feel wonderful and realize that I am an example of the "new aging" this amazing group of people represent.  All of our ideas about living long are changing to a vision of "no limits:   I have bright red hair, I can boogie and get down, literally, watch me hit the move where we get down on our knees. and hip hop with the best of them.  This is why audiences love us.  We give joy and hope for all ages.  So get up, do your particular "dance" and change your world.
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May 2, 2017