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This Is So Beautiful! Hats Off to You Girl!
"Why am I posting a picture of an empty desk? I realized today... this is SO much more than a desk. You see, today I had to say goodbye to one of my Firsties. He was moving out of state and his friends sent him off in good ol' Firstie fashion...hugs, pictures, more hugs, and lots of cards. Once the chaos settled, we emptied his desk, and the kids were gone for the day, I got emotional. I may never see him again, but hope I impacted his life in a positive way. I realized that this empty desk represents a child. A little human that has hopes and dreams. A person that one day may grow up to find the cure for cancer. Or a boy that one day, will become a dad and have kids of his own. They will only sit in this desk for a year, then they are on to the next desk, then the next, until they are out of school. I thought about all the kids who have sat in this before him, and all the kids who will sit in this desk in the future. What will they remember about me after they leave? What did they hear me saying when they were sitting in that desk? Did I teach them just the curriculum? Did I teach them how to be kind and to stand up for what is right? Did I teach them to be an includer and go invite the boy sitting on the bench by himself to play? We are literally shaping future adults. Teachers, you make such a difference. What we do everyday DOES matter. This picture is SO SO SO much more than a desk."
Credits : Shannon O'Brien Collins
24 views Apr 24, 2017

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