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Such a Beautiful Photo! Donna Hallinan You Are Such an Amazing Woman and Mom
I keep typing and deleting what I want to say about this image. So many thoughts come to mind. This image has so much meaning behind it. First of all, sweet baby Connor gave us all a little scare when he was born and was transferred straight to the children's hospital where he spent nearly 2 weeks in the NICU. So we didn't get to do an herbal bath after his birth. We offer all our mamas an herbal bath later if they had to transfer for any reason and didn't get to do one when they were expecting to. She decided since his birth story was different, she wanted to do a milk bath instead of an herbal bath.
Secondly, he and his mama have been working together to try to get him breast feeding but she is also using milk donated to them from our amazing community. She said "bottom line, I just have to feed my baby, even if it's from a bottle". Along with pumping, other mamas have rallied together to make sure they are getting the milk he needs to help them out. So when she needed to take a break to feed him during his milk bath, we captured a few images for her to celebrate how far they have come and what an amazing mom she is to him.
Credits : Birth Unscripted
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