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Little Girl Annoyed By Slow Walking Lady, Goes On Hilarious Rant We Can All Relate To
Katie is a photographer, wife, mom, and the force behind the popular Instagram account @kcstauffer and the website Over Our Wall. Katie frequently shares photos of her 5 adorable children (especially her precious, tiny twins) to delight and encourage her thousands of followers… but it’s a video that’s recently launched her Facebook page into viral fame.

The video– posted below– captures Katie’s adorable daughter Mila going on a rant about people who walk slowly. Anyone who has ever been stuck behind a slow-walker while in a hurry can relate to her road rage.
Even if you can’t relate to Mila’s rant (perhaps you’re a slow walker yourself), you’ve got to adore her Minnie Mouse-esque voice!

But what did Mila do about that slow walker? She came up with a solution: “I went under her legs! Psh, she didn’t even know!”

But we can’t blame her. After all, she’s got places to go!

Check out the adorable video and share!
Credits: Kcstauffer
8,275 views Apr 22, 2017

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