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To the Girl in Section 201, Row 13 Seat 8 Who Showed Kindness to My Son, Thank You
My son REALLY wanted the t-shirt they throw to the crowd.
We were in row 14, but unfortunately the t-shirt got thrown to row 13.
You daughter caught the shirt.
And then your AMAZING daughter turned around and handed the t-shirt to my son.
Deacon said “Thank you” and blushed.
I was touched.
Your daughter made Deacon’s night.
Thank you so much.
Your daughter was amazing and it shows what a great parenting job you are doing as well !
---Brian Beideman
Now here's where the story get good.
This is the response from Jeannie.
She's the mother of the girl who gave Brian's son the t-shirt.
And here's what she wrote back to Brian and his son:
You have made my day on so many levels!
My daughter is autistic and has seizures.
She struggles with crowds and we buy seats based on luck, and if I can come up with the money.
She LOVES the Flyers so we try to go often, but if the crowd around us isn't "autism friendly" we leave by the end of second period.
Maymay was enjoying the conversation you and your son were having about the game and hockey.
She was willing to stay until the end of the game!
Huge accomplishment.
I had no clue she was going to give him the shirt.
She was excited to get the shirt, so it was a surprise for her to give it to your son.
She told me that it made her heart feel good to make him smile.
That is HUGE for us!
I'm so glad your son was happy and I adore this picture so much.
Thank you so much for reaching out to me.
This truly made me happier than I could ever explain.
Now THAT was truly a game that We will NEVER forget.
Maymay' mother
Credits: Brian Beideman
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