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This Women Julie Knight Merrill‎ Is Amazing
My name is Julie knight Merrill I live in Ocean Shores WA. I'm so IN LOVE WITH MY HUSBAND of 30+ years and need a little help proving it.
Timothy, my husband
was diagnosed with ALS almost 10 years ago.
He cant move from the neck down....But we are REALLY LUCKY as he can still talk. He's been in a nursing facility for 5 years now and tho I visit when I can its extremely hard being apart.
We talk on the phone all the time sometimes 3 times a day. He is in the advanced stages of this terminal disease and often feels vulnerable.
I keep telling him how much I love him and ALWAYS will. We used to go out for a pitcher of beer and often joked of him pouring it over my head, just a silly thing we used to do.
I am wondering if you and your audience could help me do some really wild things so I could prove even more how much I love him.
We are super happily married and this would be my way of not only making him happy but showing I really would do anything for him.
Ours is a happy love story like no other!!!!
Id sure like to show him how much he means to me.!!
Are you up for some fun?
Thank you for your consideration, Julie Knight Merrill
Credits: Julie Knight Merrill‎
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Ronnie McMillan 210 points
this woman is amazing!
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Apr 23, 2017
Kinak 160 points
I have known this couple since I was 17 years old, wow, nearly 30 years?  I have always thought their love story was amazing, it has endured so much.  Watch the video to get a glimpse of the amazing bond these two have... be warned though... I bawled like a baby while I watched it.
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Apr 23, 2017
mkspencer70 140 points
This woman is so incredibly loving and caring. Please vote for her and make dreams come true ❤❤❤
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Apr 23, 2017